Smart Talk Communications
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Visual Communication Strategists for Government and Industry
   Who we are
Smart Talk is a lean, focused team of visual communication strategists. We create presentations, publications and visual communications in a variety of domains for government and industry clients. Our core capabilities include:
Smart Talk team members participate in your project's entire life cycle from initial concept, gathering requirements, and conducting stakeholder interviews, design, and development to testing and deployment of the final design. We evaluate usability, create wireframes and advise on web design projects. Our core capabilities include:
  • web concepts
  • wireframing
  • informational graphics
  • image editing
  • text editing
  • animation
  • video production
  • classroom and learning materials

Smart Talk Communications LLC   -   1838 Second Avenue, Suite 359   -   New York, NY 10128   -   646-217-4665 

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